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The OET speaking Scoring Criteria (Communication skills).

A key part of the OET exam is how it assesses clinical communication skills, especially in the speaking sub-test. This article explores the OET speaking scoring criteria, focusing on how candidates are evaluated.


These areas include giving information, understanding and incorporating the patient's perspective, gathering information, and building relationships. Getting to grips with these criteria is crucial for successful OET exam preparation. Let’s look at each of them.


Information Giving

In the OET speaking test, the ability to give information is critical. Candidates must demonstrate that they can clearly and precisely convey complex medical information to patients or other healthcare professionals. The scoring focuses on how effectively candidates explain treatment options, procedures, and medical instructions. It's essential to use language that the listener can understand easily, ensuring that explanations are both thorough and concise.


Grasping & Incorporating the Patient's Perspective

This part of the OET exam measures how well candidates empathize with patients and include their views and emotions in the discussion. Candidates need to actively listen, recognize the patient’s concerns, and tailor their responses to make care more personal. This skill helps make patients feel important and understood, which is crucial in clinical settings.


Information Gathering

Information gathering is a key component evaluated in the OET speaking test. Candidates are scored on how well they ask open-ended questions to get detailed answers and closed questions for specific details. They must also summarize and rephrase what the patient says to ensure they have understood correctly. This ability is essential for healthcare professionals to gather all the necessary information for informed decision-making.


Relationship Building

In healthcare, forming and keeping strong relationships with patients is crucial. The OET speaking test assesses this by watching how candidates start conversations, use verbal and non-verbal cues to build trust, and keep the conversation flowing smoothly. Showing respect, empathy, and professionalism are essential factors in this part of the evaluation.



The above details have revealed the scoring criteria for OET exam or OET test. During OET preparation, candidates are expected to focus on areas like information giving, information gathering, relationship building and incorporating of patient's perspectives through a tested and proven OET course or training program. 


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