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2 x 60 minutes a week (8 meetings)
Date: April 23rd - May 23rd

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Profesjonalne nauczanie języka angielskiego

Witamy w OETprep!

W OETprep specjalizujemy się w pomocy w zdaniu egzaminu Occupational English Test (OET). Naszą wyjątkową zaletą jest zespół nauczycieli-ekspertów, z których wszyscy mają doświadczenie w naukach medycznych lub biologicznych, zapewniając ukierunkowane i odpowiednie wskazówki.


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Experienced OET tutors

Nasi nauczyciele to wysoko wykwalifikowani i doświadczeni profesjonaliści w swoich dziedzinach, których celem jest zapewnienie najlepszych doświadczeń edukacyjnych.

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Flexible scheduling

Dzięki integracji z Kalendarzem Google możesz znaleźć czas, który idealnie pasuje do Twojego napiętego harmonogramu, dzięki czemu nauka jest wygodna i bezproblemowa.

Spersonalizowane podejście

one-to-one OET lessons

Dostosowujemy nasze lekcje do Twoich indywidualnych potrzeb, zapewniając, że w pełni wykorzystasz swoją podróż edukacyjną.

Meet Our Tutors

We take immense pride in offering top-notch online English language teaching tailored specifically for Medical Professionals.

  • Is the OET easier than IELTS?
    While this question is subjective, based on our experience at OETprep, many doctors who struggled with the IELTS exam passed the OET on their first attempt with proper preparation. Therefore, we would say that the OET exam tends to be slightly easier for healthcare professionals when approached with the right preparation.
  • What is the Speaking Club?
    The Speaking Club is a bi-weekly program organized jointly by OETprep and Maxmed School, tailored for healthcare professionals. Led by one of our staff members with a medical background, the Speaking Club sessions delve into various relevant healthcare topics such as clinical conversations, public health issues, and medical publication reviews. Open to both OET exam candidates and non-candidates, our diverse group typically includes doctors from various backgrounds and countries, including those who have passed exams like PLAB 1, PLAB 2, or the USMLE, and hold ECFMG certification. It's an excellent platform for networking and building confidence in public speaking.
  • Can I book a single lesson
    Yes, absolutely! You can book a single lesson with us. This is encouraged for candidates with advanced English level seeking for OET mock exam. Our single lesson option is tailored to your needs. Many of our students, particularly those with advanced English skills, opt for a single OET speaking role-play session with us as part of their exam preparation.
  • How long does it take to prepare for the OET exam?
    We recommend individuals with at least a B2 level of general English to begin their OET exam preparation. Typically, one month of preparation is sufficient for those at or above a B2 level to start their OET journey with us. For clients below the B2 level, we advise taking general English or medical English classes with tutors from our partner school, Maxmed English. We offer a complimentary consultation to assess your English proficiency level and tailor the preparation accordingly.
  • Do your teaching staff have a medical background?
    While the focus of the OET exam is on professional English usage in healthcare contexts, it's crucial to remember that at its core, it remains an English proficiency test. Most of our teaching staff are professional and certified English instructors with extensive experience in exam preparation, such as IELTS. However, recognizing the value of mentorship, we do have team members with medical and biomedical backgrounds. These individuals have firsthand experience with the OET exam and are currently practicing medicine as International Medical Graduates (IMGs) in various countries.
  • Do you offer any group lessons?
    Yes, we offer an intensive 8-lecture group lesson held monthly. Please note that these group lessons follow a fixed schedule. Within the sessions, we dedicate 3 lectures to OET speaking, focusing on role-play simulations and teaching the OET speaking assessment criteria. Another 3 lectures are dedicated to OET writing, discussing the writing criteria. Additionally, 2 lectures cover reading techniques to enhance comprehension and time management. Our group size is capped at a maximum of 4 participants. Follow our telegram channel for announcements on up-coming group classes.
  • Can I make a direct payment to your school?
    Yes, you can. We accept payments through various methods including direct bank transfers and PayPal. If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding payments, please don't hesitate to contact us directly via Telegram or email.
  • Can I prepare for my OET exam with you on a flexible schedule?
    Absolutely! We understand that many of our clients, including practicing doctors, have demanding schedules. That's why we offer flexible scheduling options tailored to your needs. Simply discuss your availability with your tutor, and we'll ensure your preparation fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.
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